The 15T Smooth Drum Roller is perfect for those extra heavy-duty construction projects. 

With powerful compaction force, the effective, reliable, and robust 15T Smooth Roller is the perfect addition to your next project. Great for civil road works, backfilling trenches, industrial areas, parking areas and more. The 15t smooth drum roller is a powerful, reliable and robust machine that has everything you need to complete your construction project on time. This durable and efficient machine will make sure the job is done well with minimal effort, and with excellent operator comfort.

Our Dynapac 12 Tonne Smooth Drum Roller is a medium-heavy vibratory soil compactor that can compact soil to considerable depths. Meanwhile, The 35mm hitch drum ensures excellent resistance to wear, even in compaction operations on rockfill.

15T smooth drum roller
12T Smooth drum roller
7T Smooth drum roller

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7T, 12T & 15T Smooth Drum Rollers

Our Dynapac 7 Tonne Smooth Drum Roller is ideally suited for compaction operations in pipe trenches, roads, streets and parking lots. This versatile 7 tonne drum roller is equipped with a 38″ steering angle, stage IV compliant engine and great fuel efficiency.

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